• Taste Washington Episode

    Taste Washington Episode

    SPECIAL “LIVE” EPISODE :   For the very first time in the show’s history, we did it “live” in front of the thousands of people who attended Taste Washington the weekend of March 28 & 29 at CenturyLink Exposition Hall.  What a fun time we had!  Fans of the show were able to watch as we ... Read More »
  • Season 4 Episode 26

    Season 4 Episode 26

  • Season 4 Episode 25

    Season 4 Episode 25

  • VIDEO: Bottling Sun’s Babies

    VIDEO: Bottling Sun’s Babies

    Through our sister show “Northwest Liquor Night,” we’re able to take you behind the scenes at one of Seattle’s popular distilleries. Watch as Erik Chapman of Sun Liquor Distillery walks us through the bottling process for his tiny bottles of vodka. It’s a project he does special for Alaska Airlines, and this custom-built line is ... Read More »
  • LIVE! at Taste Washington

    LIVE! at Taste Washington

  • Daily Wine Feature Coming!

    Daily Wine Feature Coming!

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